Withdrawn from things external in the intimacy of her being, purifying her heart and mind by an ardent journey of prayer, of renunciation, of fraternal life, of listening to the word of God, and exercise of the theological virtues, the nun is called to converse with the Divine Bridegroom, meditating upon his law day and night so as to receive as gift the Wisdom of the Word and to become one with him, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit.

-Verbi Sponsa


As cloistered contemplatives we cherish our monastic heritage and our role in the very heart of the Church. Our lives are consecrated to God in liturgical worship, Eucharistic adoration, joyful penance, and the hidden and fully apostolic ministry of prayer proper to our vocation.


Their life, given wholly and in full freedom to the service of God's praise, in itself proclaims and relays the primacy of God and the transcendence of the human person, created in his image and likeness. It is, therefore, a summons to everyone to "that space in the heart where every person is called to union with the Lord."